Not Jiminy Cricket but Gregory Grasshopper – someone ought to tell Walt

Something that really bugs me is the way that so many cartoonists, artists and animators don’t get their insect details right. Too few legs, legs arising from the abdomen, mandibles when there shouldn’t be any, too many wings, too few wings, the list goes on.

jiminy_cricket cricket Pinocchio
Jiminy is clearly not a cricket – perhaps not even an insect?

Call me a pedant but I thought artists were supposed to be observant. Artistic licence is well and good but the Disney character Jiminy Cricket really annoys me. Not enough legs, or if present, hidden under his clothes and if he is an insect, clearly a grasshopper! Even the original artist didn’t get it right, but at least it has some cricket features, although in some ways it resembles a cockroach as does the one in the mural below.


A shame Walt didn’t do his research either.

med-MeadowGrasshopperF_Bradgate_7July05 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A meadow grasshopper (courtesy of NatureSpot and a Great green bush cricket (courtesy of to put things in perspective.


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10 responses to “Not Jiminy Cricket but Gregory Grasshopper – someone ought to tell Walt

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  4. Mark D. D'Ambrosi

    Jimena Cricket was a Jerusalem cricket not a grasshopper.


  5. BRUHZONE2229

    Jiminy cricket is a cricket and that’s the absolute, definite and most probable
    because: the grasshopper’ most identifiable and destinctive feature is its wings and we all know(probably…) that crickets DO NOT HAVE ANY WINGS,
    also that grasshoppers are much more green in colour than crickets are.
    Alas, gregory the grasshopper is not a real animated character, but rather an animated character by disney!
    (Drop mic! :I )


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