Postcard from La France Profonde

A bit of a lazy blog this week.  Nothing really scientific, just a bit of a synopsis of our holiday so far.  Two weeks in and two of the children (29 and 19-year-old) arriving on the 0500 train in Gourdon tomorrow – Saturday, so last day on our own.

Without a doubt this has been the quietest part of France we have ever visited (we are staying in rather a nice villa, Combe du Bos, just outside Salviac).

Combe du Bos compressed  Combe du Bos interior compressed

One of the reasons we like France is because it is big but has so few people, and so the roads outside the big cities are almost deserted and the only real hustle and bustle you get is on market days or in tourist traps such as Carcassonne.  The Lot and the Dordogne area, which is where we are, is however, the sleepiest place we have ever been.  The towns and villages, except for the restaurants and bars, shut their doors at around mid-day and do not reopen until 3 or 3.0 in the afternoon.  How some of the shops make a living we can only guess at.  The exceptions to this universal lunchtime closing are the big supermarkets and even they tend to have only one or two check-outs open during the long lunch.

The local stone is fantastic, except where they have covered it with render, and the houses and churches lovely and quaint.  Almost cute.

Rampoux Church

Rampoux Church

Market Hall beams Villefrance du Perigord

Market Hall beams Villefrance du Perigord

Villefranche du Perigord quaint  housesa compressed

We even found a Dolmen at Pech Curet – we have been hunting for them for years under the impression that Dolmens and Menhirs were like Stonehenge – quite a different scale in France!

Le Dolmen Dolmen

Also love the refreshing lack of Health and Safety as evidenced in Le Tour at Luzech!

Le Tour - ladder Le Tour Luzech

Food and drink lovely – a selection of local wines and the cheese board from La Casserole in Salviac.

Local wines  Cheese compressed

and why do French supermarkets have so many more desserts to choose from?


Unfortunately I do not have a good camera with me so unable to do the magnificent insect life justice; swallowtail butterflies, hummingbird hawk moths, bumblebees, many interesting hoverflies and even some artwork!

  Three swallowtails compressed  Metal butterfly

Butterfly shop compressed

Rocamadour – a fantastic sight, but why build a town on such a steep slope!

Rocamadour compressed

Having a great time and still a week left 😉


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2 responses to “Postcard from La France Profonde

  1. Debbie

    The home of Malbec, astounding pigeonniers and the most bizarrely amazing museum, the Museum of Agricultural Machines and Automobiles: We love the area!


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