Roundabouts – so much more than traffic-calming devices


I have often been asked why I work on roundabouts, or urban green spaces, if you want to sound more scientific and ecological. Roundabouts to me are not just traffic-calming devices.


They are a teaching tool,




a research programme



and a source of amusement and wonder.



They are islands of calm among a sea of traffic, a haven for wildlife amidst a tarmac and concrete jungle.

Hook of Holland

or just plain fun!

So, next time you are waiting to enter a roundabout, don’t just think of it as an impediment (or aid) to your journey, but as a haven of wild-life, an urban nature reserve


or even as a work of art, especially if you are in France 🙂



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6 responses to “Roundabouts – so much more than traffic-calming devices

  1. There are some nice roundabouts in Ealing, including one planted with lavender. But when I see them I worry that the bees will get squashed trying to reach/leave the flowers, as there are so many big vehicles to dodge. Do you think they mostly escape safely?


  2. Charente-Maritime is the place for you, we have lots of imaginative roundabouts here. Amelia

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    • yes St Genis and Pons were great – we will be passing through again in 10 days time – stopping at La Rochelle on the way down to Vinca and hoping to collect a few more roundabouts in Charente Maritime


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