Pick and mix 10 – ten more links to look at

Links to things I thought interesting


Why conservation needs to work around people’s values

If you ever wondered why so many plants have wort in their name.

The academic work-life balance is so wrong.  Errant Science takes a humourous look at a very serious subject.

Learn about the biology of peaches and how to cook them

Interesting commentary on a  paper about how walnuts have invaded forest ecosystems

Continuing with the food theme, how a Swedish countess introduced potatoes to the European diet

Have you ever heard a hawk moth squeak?  Now you can and they use their genitals to make the sound 🙂

If you ever wondered how beetles fold their wings, then here is the answer.  Full details about a complex subject.

Polish scientists are looking at ways of making eating insects more appetizing

Finally, William Playfair the Scottish scoundrel who invented all the graphs we love to hate


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2 responses to “Pick and mix 10 – ten more links to look at

  1. Gabor Lovei

    Dear Simon
    I sought to send you this comment personally, and not through the website – but Harper Adams is protecting staff egregiously, so no e-mail could be deciphered. I think that is not terribly good.
    I sought the option because I want to say plesae do not continue this practice of sending links instead of comments. While it may seem that you are pointing the readers to useful additional information, it is basically laziness (excuse me for saying so).
    Your “real” mini-essays are delightful and worth reading, and I enjoy reading them. These links I consider pseudo-communication, and I wish you either abandon them completely, or have them only occasionally. They cannot do instead of content for an informative website.
    Best regards


  2. Thanks Gabor, not sure that I agree with you but point taken. I find the links that other bloggers do e.g. Dynamic Ecology and Small Pond Science very interesting and useful. I continue to post ‘real’ articles at the same frequency as I have always done, .i.e. about every twelve days so I am not really being lazy in terms of “real” article writing. You can contact me on sleather@harper-adams.ac.uk

    best wishes



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