Pick and mix 15 – some results from sampling the World Wide Web

Prospects for UK agriculture post-Brexit look grim

It wasn’t just green plants that helped oxygenate the Earth

Will meat no longer be on the menu by 2100? A speech from the Oxford Farming Conference

A fairer food supply system?

An interesting account of agroecology in two different continents

Climate and weather are not the same thing – Donald Trump and his ilk need to realise this

What Chernobyl did to insects – an artistic exploration

Some amazing natural history art from almost 300 years ago

Ray Cannon on a big black beautiful bumblebee

Ecological guilt trips, me I gave up flying almost twenty years ago


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One response to “Pick and mix 15 – some results from sampling the World Wide Web

  1. Thank you for this wealth of resources! An nice commentaries for each. I learned:
    1) GB’s farm bill may be on a downward trend for small farmers beyond 2022,
    2) Plant success on earth is due in part to the phosphorus-carbon exchange between them and fungi;
    3) Catesby produced fine prints, some of which would make a great post for #fineartfriday (such as the Sassafrass, Carolina parakeet, Smilax laurifolia, or the eastern bluebird).

    Thanks so much!

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