Pick and Mix 27 – some things I found of interest; perhaps you will too?

Not a painting, but a photograph I took through the train window – in between Sete and Montpellier


Even hares eat meat sometimes

Continuing the carnivorous theme, an Interesting article about pitcher plants

The iconic palm trees of the south of France are under threat

Hope for the future?  Blog post by Joern Fischer about sustainability

And here Jeff Ollerton reflects on the above

Another name for biodiversity offsetting, but it still doesn’t add up

A call for more common names for moths

How insect art can become entomological outreach

Ted MacRae on his latest insect collecting trip – some fantastic photographs

How to thread a needle easily – fantastic but does it actually work?



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8 responses to “Pick and Mix 27 – some things I found of interest; perhaps you will too?

  1. Thanks for the callout, Simon! Please note my name is spelled MacRae. 😊

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  2. daysontheclaise

    Nice interesting selection, as ever. I particularly enjoyed the discussion about names for moths.

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  3. I just tried the needle trick and, yes, it worked!

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  4. I don’t know if it widely known but your ordinary Hermann tortoise eats meat. I have seen it eating dead birds. Lots of yummy calcium in the bones too. Amelia

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