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Pick & Mix 38 โ€“ a very mixed bag

The problem with โ€˜Sugar Daddyโ€™ science, why state funding is better

Simon Leadbeater on rewilding a planation woodland

Did you know that Scotland has rain forests?

Some advice on writing papers from novelist Cormac McCarthy

Making cities greener โ€“ what we can do and what benefits result

If you like the Moomins you will appreciate this

Clothing accessories that pay homage to the insect world; some other animals too ๐Ÿ˜Š

Freedom of press and environmental protection โ€“ did you know that they are linked? Jeff Ollerton and colleagues explore this interesting topic

Working from home might not be as stress-free as you think โ€“ go to work instead

Did you know that there are more male specimens of birds and mammals in museum collections than females? Press release here, actual paper here


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