George Lthr jnr

My great-great-great Grandfather, George Leather jr.

Genealogy – why I do it

I drew up my first incomplete family tree when I was ten years old courtesy of my Great Aunt Hilda. Then I lapsed until I was in my mid-thirties when I caught the bug really badly and my wife and I formed the Leather Family History Society  We are also a member of the Federation of Family History Societies and of the Guild of One Name Studies

Genealogy is a lot like science, data bases in plenty and you can even make hypotheses and test them. Great fun but can be very addictive. Be warned our ancestors were just as naughty as we are and there are plenty of black sheep and dark secrets out there. Amazing how many bigamists and folk who married outside the consanguinity laws, marrying a dead wife’s sister was very common and our industrial middle class ancestors loved to keep the money in the family by marrying first cousins. You have been warned.

6 responses to “Roots

  1. scott forsyth

    I have recently discovered that William Beaumont Leather lived in my neighborhood in the 1870″s and 80’s.I know of a few other locations in Canada that he lived in. If I gain more info are you interested? Do you have any info to share. Scott in Winnipeg, Canada.

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    • yes most definitely and yes we have a lot of information about William Beaumont Leather incluidng some very good pictures – look forward to hearing from you


    • scott forsyth

      You might have the same things that I have found on him throught the internet when in Canada. My interest is that he lived in the area where I grew up from 1875 and into the 1880’s. Because of his history in designing buildings, I’m trying to connect him with the Aldershot Brick Works that was no more than a mile from his home outside of Hamilton Ontario. I’m close to getting a picture of his house that was demolished ten years ago. What date would the photos that you have be from? Please reply to my email address instead of your website so that I can email you some info. Scott

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