Pick and Mix 26 – more gleanings from around the world

How dinosaurs got their name

It seems that most scientists only have temporary careers 😦

Yes, as we suspected, competitive grant writing is inefficient and wastes scientist’s time

Stephen Heard explains how William Caxton inlfuenced how we report statistics

You don’t need fossil fuels to keep the economy running

Drawing specimens (rather than taking a photograph) is the best way to learn about morphology and taxonomy

Continuing with the botanical theme, plant blindness, yes it is a thing, probably worse than insect blindness which I have written about in the past

Incredible blueness – Ray Cannon on butterfly wings

Electrifying  – flying spiders

Earwig wings – real life origami



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4 responses to “Pick and Mix 26 – more gleanings from around the world

  1. A particularly good list this month. The spider findings were really fascinating. The figures on the career half lives for scientists was disheartening.

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  2. jim kirby

    As usual thanks for your latest gleanings. The article on academic survival prompts the question on why (it seems to me) most scientists appear socialist in outlook.Supply and demand may be at work in terms of tenure but does that implied dissatisfaction lead to left wing reaction?


  3. It could be that those of us going into science are not doing it for the money, but for the common good, which may mean we are already more socialist before we begin our careers than most other professions?


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